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Club de Creativos
— 2017 Identity

The festival Club de Creativos is the communication's industry meeting in Spain. Of all kinds. However, their logo only carries the C of "creatives".
That's why, on its 2017 edition, we took out the C and let open the last letter to everyone of the industry. Because creativity is more than just creatives.

At the festival, attendees could personalize their posters with tailor made stamps.

AD: Pedro Sattin
CW: Álvaro Palma, Jose Sancho
CD: Pancho Cassis, Tomás Ostiglia
Agency: LOLA MullenLowe

Club de Creativos
— The Unwritten Annual

To show students they could have their ideas awarded, we gave them the unwritten 2018 annual, in 2017.

The festival Club de Creativos is the main creative award in Spain, and each year it awards the best advertising campaigns and puts it on an annual.
And to encourage students to have their ideas awarded on the 2018 annual, we launched it in 2017. Unwritten, for them to use it as a notebook.
Club de creativos
Lola MullenLowe

AD: Pedro Sattin
CW: Álvaro Palma, Jose Sancho
CD: Pancho Cassis, Fabio Brigido
Agency: LOLA MullenLowe

36 Days of

An Instagram challenge: designing one character and writing a story each day.

36 Days of Type is a challenge that invites designers from all over the world to design letters and numbers, showing their view on each character. So, this year, Álvaro Palma and I decided to join it.
And we gave it a twist, we decided to call it 36 Days of Type(writing) – so I did all the character designs and, for each one of them, he wrote a short story related to that letter/number.

— Some of the stories:

— Check the whole project:
@pedrosattin or @alvaro.palma

AD: Pedro Sattin
CW: Álvaro Palma